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Here at Refrigeration Technology we pride ourselves in our customer service and facility support.

​We have on call technicians 24/7 because when you need service the most, we are there to provide it.

If you need products or services like our PM programs, please contact our main office for support.

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At Refrigeration Technology Inc. we are dedicated to our customers, and will do what it takes to get the job done!

RTI Services Include:

  • Custom Refrigeration Design

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Emergency repairs

  • Glycol Heating & Cooling

  • Ventilation Systems

  • Tank Piping

  • 24/7 Support

We are proud to support local and out of state facilities!

Our team of service technicians and office staff are ready to assist you in any way possible.

Contact RTI today for questions, support, products, and services.

When your facility needs the best, you can rely on RTI for support.

Here at RTI we are design build contractors.



We design equipment based on custom installation needs.

You send us facility plans and layouts, and we will design with your exact facility in mind.

Our engineering team is dedicated to quality systems, based on your budget and needs.



After we design every piece of equipment, we build and assemble it at our facility from the ground up. We build utilizing the highest quality materials available, for solid performance when your facility needs the best. 


RTI will also install our equipment onsite, working with other contractors if needed. We will custom fit the equipment to exact standards and specifications.

As soon as the equipment is installed, we perform a system start-up, & inspect every aspect of the equipment; making sure it is operating at optimum levels.



If you need PM services, RTI offers great programs with your facility, equipment, and budget in mind.

​If it is our equipment, or current equipment on-site, we will maintain your system, to keep it running the way it should, and repair systems if they ever go down.​





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