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Custom Designs for Your Facilities


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RTI is the leading Design & Build contractor serving the Wine Industry majorly in Lake, Napa, and Sonoma counties. With vast winery experience and OVER 30 YEARS of expertise, our designs and equipment are the best in the Northern California Wine Industry. Our designs are easy to operate, efficient, and backed up with our excellent protection plans. RTI equipment is adapted by many Winemakers and facilities across the nation. We design and equip the system within your budget and precisely fulfilling the customer requirements.  


RTI has a proven & uniform process for building your custom system. Here's how we get you a quotation for the design of your custom systems:

  1. Fill out and submit our custom design request

  2. We'll prepare a budget based on the information provided

  3. We will send an agreement.

  4. Once the agreement is approved, we can start the design.

  5. You will need to get a building permit.

  6. We will revise the budget based on the final design

  7. We will send the revised quotation.

  8. Once approved, construction will begin.

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